We are doing this!

Dan and I immediately weighed the possibilities and decided that we are doing this.

Even though we had hoped to have the time to carefully plan with the possibility of holding an event in a year, we knew that this opportunity could be gone if we don’t step off the ledge right now.

The amazing part of this whole venture is how things have fallen into place.

A call to artist Bob White not only assured us of his eager participation, he suggested his friend, John Gierach as the featured author.  John graciously agreed to be part of this gathering.  Catie from the museum suggested that we meet with two respected conservation scientists that have worked with the museum in the past.  A lunch in a small country restaurant introduced Alan Haney and Eric Anderson to the possibility of artists, writers, and conservationists working together to support the outdoor world.  They became part of the ride.  Bob suggested including a fine photographer that accompanied he and John on their many travels.  Michael Dvorak became part of the event.  The owner of the local bookstore that is handling the book signing for John suggested another regional writer.  Mystery writer, Victoria Houston, will share with John the business of writing and publishing with an outdoor sporting twist.

Not too long ago I spoke with someone at the museum saying that Dan and I were a bit surprised that this idea is becoming a reality.  He said, “Good ideas have legs.”  I guess the legs of this idea are taking us to places we never imagined.

Join us this October to see an idea walk into becoming a celebration of the outdoors we love.



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