At The Convergence starts this evening at 5:30 pm.  Bob White, John Gierach, and Mike Dvorak will be talking about the collaboration they experience as artists and writers.  Bob will finish the evening sharing insights into the artistic process he uses in the outdoors.

Check out the Leah Yawkey Woodson Art museum’s blog page “Woodson’s Wanderings” written by Catie Anderson.  Catie is the curator of education for the museum and is instrumental in making this event happen.

Catie’s Blog Post

Remember that you can plan you visit by checking out:


See you At The Convergence!


At The Convergence Starts Tomorrow

Make your plans now to experience this important event.

Check out the opportunities to experience, wonderful art, quality writing, scientific observations, and how all of this weaves together into a celebration of the natural world we love. To plan your visit please check out:

Schedule of Events


For more information about the museum and its location please check out:

Hours and Information


Hope to see you this weekend At The Convergence!

Four Days…..When Should I Attend?

How about Sunday?

Are you a budding writer? Do you love good writing and want to learn what that entails? Well maybe Sunday is your day to attend.

Victoria large

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Join Rhinelander, Wisconsin’s Victoria Houston and featured author John Gierach in a lively discussion about the art of writng.  Hear what it takes to be a successful writer and to navigate the twisting paths to publication.  This is an opportunity for the audience to be fully engaged in questions and discovery.  Janke Bookstore will be on hand to have their books available to be signed.

The museum is open Sunday from noon until 5 pm.

John and Victoria will be together from 2 -4 pm.

Spend the rest of your time looking at the works of Bob White, Michael Dvorak, and the over 100 international artist’s creation in Birds in Art.

Sunday is the last day of At The Convergence but we end it with an enjoyable and informative event.

Maybe Sunday is the day you should attend.

Four Days…..When Should I Attend?

How about Saturday?

If you have one day to attend, Saturday is the day. Saturday is the big day for the event.  The opening time for the museum is at noon.

haney pic

At 1:00 pm join conservationist Alan Haney, author John Gierach, and photographer Michael Dvorak as they stroll through the Birds in Art Galleries.  Join their conversation about particular birds, the impacts of our environment, and how writing and artistic expression illuminate the gifts of nature.

Also at 1:00 pm our featured artist Bob White will be in the gallery for Art Park, Open Studio.  Bob will be demonstrating and explaining the process of creating works of classic sporting art.

From 3:30 pm until 5:00 pm Join all our artists, writers,  and conservation scientists as they participate in a panel discussion.  This important part of our event will probe into the present state of conservation and explore collaborative possibilities.  A significant part of this event will include audience questions.

From 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm join us in an open reception honoring our participants.  Hear John Gierach read from his writings.  A book signing sponsored by Janke Bookstore will follow.  This will include John’s most recent book along with some of his most popular ones.

Saturday would be a great day to attend.

Please remember that all events are open to the public and all events are free.

Four Days…..When Should I Attend?

How About Friday?

Friday would be the perfect day to take in all that the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum has to offer.  The world famous Birds in Art exhibition is in full swing with over 100 artists from all over the world sharing the best of avian art.  Not only that, the art work of Bob White and the photography of Michael Dvorak will be on display as part of At The Convergence.  The museum is always free and is filled with wonderful additional exhibits and surprises.


Bob White will be in the gallery on Friday working on a significant oil painting inspired by a recent trip to Alaska.  Come and meet the artist and see how creativity comes alive on canvas.

Four Days… When Should I Attend?

How about Thursday?

If you want a more intimate time with the artists and writer, Thursday evening would be a great time to attend.

Gierach pic

Current Status: Now available

Dvorak pic

Bob White, John Gierach, and Michael Dvorak will be speaking about collaboration beginning at 5:30 pm.  They will explore how their differing art forms work together for a good result.

Following the discussion, Bob will demonstrate some of the techniques he uses to produce his classic outdoor sporting art.

Thursday is a great night to attend because the crowd will be smaller and you can interact with the writer and artists.

29 Years and More


For 29 years John Gierach and Bob White collaborated.

John wrote the stories that graced the closing pages of Fly Rod and Reel magazine.  Bob White’s amazing art gave vision to the words.  When Fly Rod and Reel ceased publication this past year we thought the partnership may end.  We are glad to share that their collaboration continues in Trout the quarterly magazine of Trout Unlimited beginning with its October issue.

Join us on Thursday At The Convergence and hear from them about this fruitful, 29 year partnership.

For more information and to see samples his illustrations, check out Bob White’s sharing on his website:

Bob White Studio