Four Days…..When Should I Attend?

How about Saturday?

If you have one day to attend, Saturday is the day. Saturday is the big day for the event.  The opening time for the museum is at noon.

haney pic

At 1:00 pm join conservationist Alan Haney, author John Gierach, and photographer Michael Dvorak as they stroll through the Birds in Art Galleries.  Join their conversation about particular birds, the impacts of our environment, and how writing and artistic expression illuminate the gifts of nature.

Also at 1:00 pm our featured artist Bob White will be in the gallery for Art Park, Open Studio.  Bob will be demonstrating and explaining the process of creating works of classic sporting art.

From 3:30 pm until 5:00 pm Join all our artists, writers,  and conservation scientists as they participate in a panel discussion.  This important part of our event will probe into the present state of conservation and explore collaborative possibilities.  A significant part of this event will include audience questions.

From 5:30 pm until 7:30 pm join us in an open reception honoring our participants.  Hear John Gierach read from his writings.  A book signing sponsored by Janke Bookstore will follow.  This will include John’s most recent book along with some of his most popular ones.

Saturday would be a great day to attend.

Please remember that all events are open to the public and all events are free.


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